The Modern Skinny Wedding Cake

What I love about the wedding industry is how boundless it seems to be these days. It’s an industry that attracts a wide range of makers and creative thinkers, and more then ever, the traditional wedding is becoming less and less common. Whatever it is that sets your soul on fire or feels most true to you, that’s a perfectly fine aesthetic for your wedding. When it comes to cake styles and trends, what I am really loving at the moment is the way designers are playing with shapes. From double height tiers to extra wide and shallow tiers, designers are having a lot more fun playing with silhouettes. One of my favourite silhouettes is the modern skinny cake, let me tell you why.

All the drama without the portions

If you’re having a smaller wedding but are still dreaming of a tall tiered cake then the Modern Skinny silhouette is for you. This is because each tier is only slightly larger than the one above so overall there is a lot less cake than a traditional tiered cake. A traditional four-tier cake serves 135 portions while the skinny version only serves 70. Even if you do have a high guest count you may realise you don’t need as much cake as you think. Our previous blog post Wedding Cakes — How many portions do you need? breaks down all the reason why these days, you’ll not need a slice of cake for each guest. 

Verticality and height

The tall, thin proportions of the skinny cake lends itself so well to a design that plays with verticality and height. Adding florals that climb up the cake or linear textural treatments just adds to the vertical nature of the design and makes even a small skinny cake look even taller and more sleek.

Modern Aesthetic

A skinny silhouette is the perfect canvas for a modern approach to cake design. Unique textures such as an aged stone or abstract paletted buttercream looks even more cutting-edge when the silhouette of the cake is modern as well. You can really push the boundaries of design when you’re playing with a skinny shape.


Final thoughts

I don’t think the skinny silhouette will be leaving us any time soon. Versions of the skinny with soaring double height tiers and unbelievably tall, teetering proportions perhaps are a flash in the pan but the shape of the Modern Skinny has found its place amongst modern trends that are only growing in popularity. It may not suit every style but it still has a versatility that cake designers are having so much fun experimenting with. Would you consider a modern skinny silhouette for your cake design?