Wedding Cake Deliveries Demystified

Hello cake lovers, welcome to the first official post on our blog! I get asked so many questions about delivering wedding cakes that I thought I would break it down for you. A cake makers job is not complete until the cake is safely delivered to its destination, so let’s dive in.

Wedding Cake Delivery in Scotland

For the most part, I deliver my wedding cakes throughout Scotland, mainly within a 70 mile radius of Edinburgh City Centre. This radius allows me to access most of the wonderful venues in central Scotland while also being able to deliver multiple cakes in one day to multiple locations. I encourage all of my clients to get in touch early with their venue location so I can make sure the delivery is feasible. As I deliver and set-up all of my wedding cakes myself, I may not be able to reach all venues. If I have a delivery 70 miles North of Edinburgh City Centre I most likely won’t be able to deliver a cake 70 miles South of Edinburgh City Centre on the same day. I am only one person and I can only drive so fast – if only teleportation was a thing! If you are getting married outside of the delivery radius please still do get in touch. On occasion, on a case-by-case basis, we do take deliveries outside of the 70 mile limit.

Cake Delivery Process

There is nothing you need to do at this point in regards to delivery. Just relax and enjoy the lead up to your big day! The process of delivering a wedding cake starts with determining a delivery time slot. I coordinate with the venue and any other suppliers that are relevant to the cake set-up – such as florists – to determine a delivery slot that works for everyone. This is often between the morning and late afternoon, depending on the venue. Once I have a time slot for each venue I will be delivering to that day I create my list and plan my route. I actually really enjoy driving, though it is a tad more stressful with such precious cargo. I really do feel that Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth and some of my journeys are absolutely breathtaking! It is a joy to deliver around Scotland, even if the roads are a bit bumpy, a bit windy and kind of a nightmare when it comes to delivering a bespoke wedding cake.

Assembling On-site

Some small cakes are delivered fully stacked but most cakes require assembly on-site and often times a bit of decorating and placement of the sugar flowers. Wedding cakes are delivered cold, straight out of the fridge and delivered early enough so that they are room temperature for cutting in the evening. If possible, the cake will be set-up where it will be viewed and cut later that evening. Sometimes, this isn’t possible as some venues use the same room for the ceremony and reception. In that case, the cake will be completely set-up and moved by the venue staff when the time comes.

Cake Stands

Cake stands are a great way to add height to a cake and create a bit of drama. Most venues have their own stands, though these can often be a bit dated or far too big for the cake itself. I suggest checking with your venue to see what stands they have available, to know if they’ll fit with your theme and the look you’re going for. Many venues have either a real silver cake stand or a silver or gold plastic stand, usually about 14″ in diameter. For a 3 tier cake, these stands can have the complete opposite effect and actually dwarf the cake making it look smaller because the stand is so wide. Luckily there are many alternatives these days to the traditional stands but there is one main thing to keep in mind – the weight. With so many beautiful options out there we need to remember that many stands are created to simply place a cake on the counter, not to hold the weight of a tiered wedding cake. I like to work with my clients to find a stand that suits the theme, the space and will hold the cake safely.

Final Touches

Where the cake is displayed is just as important as the cake itself. Talk to your venue about where they usually set-up the cake to make sure it’s in an area where guests can view and enjoy the cake before the cutting. Your wedding cake is a reflection of you, your wedding and your style, so naturally, it’s a great conversation piece for your guests and they’ll be all too eager for the time when it is cut and served. Once I complete the set-up and make sure all of the important details are in place, I photograph the cake, bid farewell to the other suppliers feverishly working away and hop back on the road to the next venue.