Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Butter & Bodoni blog

I have wanted to launch this part of my website for ages because I feel that there is a lot of mystery surrounding the wedding industry. Couples can feel totally lost as they try to navigate planning their wedding. There can be a lot of confusion too when enquiring with family and friends about their own weddings, what they had or didn’t have or who they hired and what it cost. Everyone’s tastes and budgets are different and no two weddings are truly the same.

I think a bit more transparency and some crucial information can go a long way to lifting the fog that surrounds the wedding industry. Here I will share a more in-depth and personal look at the world of cake and my small place within it. I love to share my knowledge and passion for this industry and I really want to help to educate people who want to know more about my process and how to work with a cake designer.

I’m so thrilled that you’re here and that you’re joining me on this journey. Let me know in the comments below if there are any topics you’d like covered or questions you may have.